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Lip fillers are the perfect way to add extra volume and plumpness to lips which may be lacking in shape or elasticity. At White Velvet Aesthetics, Angie uses a selection of lip fillers including Juvéderm® Ultra so that the best results possible for you.


Lip fillers deliver almost immediate results within 8 hours). A medically developed semi-permanent solution is injected into the lips to enhance their natural shape and plumpness. This type of filler is based on hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring sugar found in the body, and has been purposely designed to make sure that you will have a natural look whether you are laughing or smiling.

Woman Having Lip Botox



Angie at White Velvet Aesthetics can use dermal filler in the lip area to:

  • Enhance lip size to create more plump lips which do not ‘disappear’ when you smile

  • Correct asymmetry or scars on the lip

  • Create a balance between the upper and lower lip (making them the optimum size according to phi ratio of facial beauty)

  • Improve the shape of lips to give a more beautiful cupids bow and defined lip shape

  • Add definition to the borders of your lips and reduce lines and creases around the mouth area (including ‘smoker’s lines’ /“lipstick lines”

  • Enhance hydration of the lips

  • Enhance the philtrum column if requested

  • Recreate the look of a lip lift without the need for going under the knife.

Lip Botox Injection

Lip enhancement 0.5ml


20 mins

1 Session


Our lip filler treatments are designed to enhance your natural beauty, providing you with soft, smooth, and hydrated lips. ANGIE will work closely with you to achieve a youthful appearance that complements your unique features. With our premium lip FILLER, you can say goodbye to TURNED IN, WRINKLED lips and hello to a more confident you.

Lip Botox Injection

Lip enhancement 1ml


20 mins

1 Session


White velvet aesthetics lip fillers are designed to provide a natural appearance while leaving your lips feeling soft and smooth. only using premium, high-quality fillers to ensure optimal results without any harsh or unnatural effects. You can trust Angie to help you achieve the perfect pout as she expertly administers lip filler.

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