Microblading: £300


Colour Boost (less than 12 months): £150

Colour Boost (12-18 months): £225

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a way implanting pigment into the skin using a specialised blade. The pigment is gently glided into the skin for ultra soft and natural hairstrokes. Microblading has been around for many many years and has recently seen an increase in popularity through the world of social media and clients actively looking for more natural ways to enhance their eyebrows. Both microblading and digital method allow you to have fine natural hairstrokes and both work well together. I like to refer to them both as permanent makeup. As an eyebrow specialist during your consultation I will be analysing your skin type and facial characteristics and discussing what you would like to achieve before deciding on which method of permanent makeup is suitable for you. You will be shown several different options and looks that suit your personality and face shape. Whether choosing microblading or digital machine we will custom blend a colour to suit your skin tones and lifestyle. Drawing your new eyebrow design is a very important stage in our consultation. This is very personal to you and I will be guided on what type of eyebrow you like as well as using all my years experience to give you the best possible design.