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New Year Skin Tips


Top 4 quick tips for NEW YEAR skin health

  1. Ditch the morning latte, that amount of milk daily is just not good for the skin, and this is what we are starting the day with.

  2. Book an Oxygeneo facial, not just on your birthday; make it a regular appointment, ideally once every 4 weeks. For skin rejuvenation there is microneedling and even Laser skin rejunevation. I have personally seen the benefit of this to many clients.

  3. Add in some NOON retinol, start with.3%, then work your way through the different strengths. This will speed up skin cell turnover renewing and keeping the skin fresh and youthful looking. Dont forget to take advantage of the skin consultations with Angie.

  4. Cleanse morning and night – It doesn’t matter how late in the evening or early in the morning it is, a face wipe is NOT going to do the job or not cleansing at all. White Velvet Face Pad is incredible as you just use water! Skin needs to breath, getting rid of the sweat from the night before and starting with a clean base is giving the skin the best start to be clear and function at its best.

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